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  • Must FM radio: interview with an acoustic LIVE recording of "Nevermore" (Jan 2014)
  • Video and photo reports on Last Circle's 1st concert in Rochefort (2013, 8th of June),
    by Jean-Marie Lesage (Ardenneweb)
    Video 1 (Reboot - Nevermore - Laina - Love...)
    Video 2 (Child in time - Silent fantasy - Respect, equality - Jehanne J...)

    Candles on stageoLast Circle on stage for the 1st time
  • Excerpts of The Sense of Moments album :
    Delusion (Mustfm), I'm gonna miss you, Magic morning, I'm back
    on https://soundcloud.com/lastcircle

  • Live recording, Feb. 2017 : Highway star (Deep Purple cover)